Welcome to the NASD Safety Training Site! This site contains outline training courses that can help you better understand hazards associated with agricultural work, and ways to make work safer.

Virtual Tractor Inspection Training Tool

In this course, you will learn how to conduct safety inspections of farm tractors. You will learn to recognize potential risks or hazards caused by missing parts, poorly maintained equipment, or from regular wear and tear on the equipment. Checking to see whether a tractor is properly maintained and knowing the shortfalls of the equipment can help the user avoid personal injury. The course consists of five learning modules, as well as a mid-course assessment and a final assessment that will test knowledge gained from the learning modules.

Keeping Pesticides on the Farm: Practical Solutions for Minimizing Family Exposures

This course helps farmers and ag workers understand how residues from pesticides used on farms can be transferred to the home and pose a health risk for family members. It provides examples of how to break the work-to-home pathway for pesticide residues with practical solutions implemented on the farm.